Another Wisdom Angel

This in an angel by Handerson Abbott Thayer, and is in the Smithsonian. He was know to use his children as models and so his daughter could be another one of our wisdom angels as we study Proverbs this month. We are almost at the end of the month but there are many Proverbs still to be covered and I am reading the book, along with our study.

Hatred stirs conflict, but love covers wrongs. Proverbs 10:12, I am more familiar with the KJV, using strife and sins, but I like to study other versions, it is just that I was brought up with basically only that version, even though others were out there. I was an adult and in need of knowing things for myself that brought me to study other versions, Hebrew and Greek. That is wisdom to study and learn from the Holy Spirit.

That is how you will know the truth that sets you free. Jesus will let His Spirit teach you and bring you His peace. And that is the most valuable gift there is love, joy and peace go together. He is all of them. Happiness will come and go but Jesus is our joy.

Let’s think about that Proverb, there is just no room in a heart that holds His love for hate. No way we will thrive in a world of strive, we will be hurt and oppressed and depressed. I see and pray for so many Christians who are struggling and suffering, we need to just be still and let Him God.

Stop the pettiness of what version of the Bible we read or what we wear of look like. Jesus is seeking souls in these last day and the pressure is on, let Him take it of with wisdom and grace. Don’t stir conflict, choose wise words, love covers wrongs.

And that is not willful sin and abuse of His grace, He know hearts, it is the one that remains in love and consistently having a teachable spirit, ready to respond to His voice and His word and walk in love.

Rebecca Jones

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