Wisdom Angel

96044Workshop of Francesco de Mura, Italian (Neapolitan), 1696–1782

I thought we needed an angel of wisdom today and this one appears to crowning a lady with a floral diadem. Perhaps, it is to make her a crown of beauty in the Lord. Isaiah 62:3 The Lord crowns us with things like tender mercies so why not, wisdom?

Proverbs 7:4 says to call her our sister. But today’s verse is FOr the Lord gives wisdom and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6.

This painting is at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, but is not currently on display and this is a detail from it. It is by Italian painter Francesco de Mura, 1696-1772. The painting is larger and the woman and angel are above and to the left of a man outstretched, wit a robe partially covering him.

And while all angels have some sort of assignment, it is enough to pray. You don’t have to know everything, the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom and since we know that we are to avoid any false practices.

That would be wisdom and a crown from Him placed by an angel. There are more good ones than bad. If He is for us who is against us? Romans 8:31. I pray for you to have, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

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