Mother, May I? Give You Wisdom?


I love this angel over the baby. It is almost as if she is asking to hold it. Currently, I have not located an artist but it appears to be very old. Possibly, even the late 1800’s but it could also be a reproduction. The majority of these are public domain, unless they are from a more well known artist, then they may be copyrighted.

However, most are safe to print off for use as cards or tags, even a print would be beautiful in a nursery, and maybe, even baby shower invitations, they can be uploaded as well. I have make lots of picture with verses to use on my blog. You can copy and paste in e-mails also. You can try Canva or Adobe Spark, they are free or you can upgrade.

Since we are celebrating mothers, I hope you will share an angel, if not a blog post, there are plenty on my Pinterest board. And who knows, you may even want to spend an afternoon with your mother making your own board. Use the following poem if you like.

Mother, May I? Give you wisdom?

Mother, may I guard your child?

Just sit and rest a while.

Angels are often watching babies,

You’ll see it in their smile.

Fresh from heaven, innocent and new,

Mother, may I guard your child for you?

May I give you wisdom?

Motherhood can take you by surprise,

God makes it worth it, when you see with eyes,

He may send a friend to help,

And angel in disguise.

Hold on to wisdom,

And she and God will make you wise.

His peace,

Rebecca Jones


You have to let your child spread their wings. Even if it brings you to your knees. Calleen Petersen

Our proverb, Do not forsake wisdom and she will protect you, love her and she will watch over you. Proverbs 4:6


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