Sisters On A Bridge


Here is another example of a guardian angel on a bridge protecting two little girls, perhaps friends or sisters who have been out picking flowers. It was a common postcard scene in the late 1800’s through the Victorian Era and beyond. Guardian angels are definitely a mother’s helper.

Collecting postcards is a hobby for some, many of us just like the angels or ephemera that is used to scrapbook, even if it is online. Many times you will see old scrapbooks in tatters filled with scraps of pretty girls or angels. Mothers who do these sort of crafts or collecting will like these angels.

Some of the most colorful and beautiful ephemera, picture girls or children, selling everything from perfume to sewing items, baking goods to coffee, and even soaps. I will definitely add some of those.

But the bridge is still a wonderful symbol of our relationship to God. And He is still sending His angels to sisters and friends, and helping us pass over many troubled waters.



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