When The Flowers Wept


God planted a garden, and called it Eden.

It pleased Him and was His delight.

Angels tended the flowers,

Some even closed their petals at night.

It was peaceful as they slept.

God was creating, creatures of all kind.

But in their image, He had one one in mind.

He called forth Adam, from the earth,

And from his side, Eve, his wife.

Fully grown humans at their birth.

And they too, tended the garden that God kept.

And the flowers sang praises,

With folded petals they slept.

The garden was still a place of joy,

Solitude and peace.

Yet, that forever changed,

When human knowledge was increased.

For they knew nothing,

But love, joy and cheer.

There came one night into Eden,

The fallen angel that brought fear.

The wicked one whispered,

Calling out to Eve,

She ate forbidden fruit,

Gave it to Adam,  for they believed,

A twisted lie, that tricked her,

” You’ll be like God. ”

When they already were.

Adam ate too and was deceived.

Driven from the garden that they kept,

The flowers hid their faces and wept.

It had begun, God’s plan to send His Son.

Though it would take many years,

For the flowers to recover,

They fought back their tears.

Lilies of the valley,

Sharon with a rose.

Longed for the day of the Messiah,

Awaiting sweet repose.

Then came Jesus as a baby,

The flowers shivered with chills,

The earth laughed flowers,

Wildflowers covered the hills.

More time passed,

God promised hope,

His promise was kept, Gethsemane.

The cross was carried,

Once again, the flowers wept.


Their tears were dried!

Jesus was alive,

And they knew He had died.

They gathered near Mary Magdalene.

He was not in the tomb!

The flowers praised God,

And started to bloom.

Aren’t we like God’s flowers?

He wants to bring us,

To His garden, in grace we are kept.

His Spirit is not grieved.

In Jesus we believe, awakened.

To bloom, restful, having slept.

And we receive His peace and grace.

Warmed in His Son’s loving embrace.

For God so loved the world, a promise He kept,

Made in Eden, when the flowers wept.


Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image. ” Genesis 1:26, We are spirits, with a body and soul. Jesus came in human form, gives us the Holy Spirit.

The world laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson

For Bettie G., who inspired this.

We will get to more angels, but since it is May 1st, May Day,  I wanted to give everyone a bonus post and we can celebrate what is considered a pagan tradition by giving flowers or planting them.

2 thoughts on “When The Flowers Wept”

  1. Oh Rebecca this is so beautiful, now I am weeping like the flowers. Such precious thoughts to see God’s beauty manifest in those flowers in the gardens of His planting throughout all of time. And always, He was planning for the fullness to come through our Lord Jesus. Thank you for sharing these precious words. I am so humbled and thankful that God allowed us to join together in praising Him. Blessings and love to you!


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