Heart Speaks

What is your language of love?

What is it that makes your heart speak?

Is it a daily, I love you, reminder?

Or a visit once a week?

Do you enjoy flowers, candy?

Or is touch or words, your love?

Affirmations also actions,

The gentleness of the dove.

What is your love language,

God speaks them all.

And He is able too keep you,

Should you ever fall.

For though we speak many words,

And say lots of loving things,

Nothing is like the love.

His gentle Spirit brings.

Do not let your heart be troubled,

Do not let it fear,

For His peace is close to you,

His love is ever near.

Grace upon grace,

With the Savior face to face

And whatever language of love you speak,

His peace we seek, and the holy dove will appear.


Inspire Me Monday


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