Two Resurrection Angels

With the end of Passover, I decided to share two lovely angels, although one has a sword, the other has a cross. Jesus who said He left us His peace in John 14:27, also said He didn’t come to bring peace but a sword. Now, that appears strange, but not at all.

He did not come to bring the world peace as they expected, they wanted a king or ruler. Of course, His kingdom is not of this world, and they would not accept Him as Messiah. Jesus’ kingdom is spiritual. And it is in us.

So you see why He says He left or willed us His peace at the crucifixion, the Prince of Peace was born to die that we could live forever with Him. His peace is not like the world’s, peace treaties have been made and broken but His covenant of peace lasts forever. He will never break it even though we may, that is why it is good to keep a repentant heart.

People who run to and fro and seek everything but God will have a hard time seeing any peace. Yet, salvation will change that by calling on the name of Jesus and accepting Him as Lord, you will inherit as a believer, eternal life and His peace, but you have to receive it.

And the more I look to His peace, and not having a troubled heart and mind, I believe that sword is of peace, He speaks His peace to us, what else stopped a demonic windstorm that rocked the disciples boat and allowed Him to get to the other side to save a man with a legion of demons? His peace stilled the storm, and we have the authority of His name, and He wants us to have peace.

Not a false peace but security in Him and His Word, His power is peace and He leaves it with us. Read and reread John 14:27 until He still your storm and resurrects, your life and joy.


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