Heavenly Harpist

We should take a break from guardians, and look at musicians. They can also be guardians though. Many people believe when they die they become an angel or earn their wings. The Bible does say that you become like angels, but it means, you are a spirit.

I once knew lady who had been in church her whole life think that heaven would be sitting on a cloud with a harp. She’s there now, enjoying her friends and probably learning what she didn’t in church. She was a dear lady, don’t get me wrong, I made angel stationary on the computer for her, she sent it everywhere. She was my last letter writing friend, she brought me soup and cornbread when I had worked all day, so it is not a criticism, she just did not know.

What she did was to encourage people with her letters. Ask for prayers, include a verse, the time date and weather. Just like back in the war days. She thought I was her angel, but I dubbed her, the Stationary Angel. And now she understands what they really do, and if she wants to learn an instrument she can.

She would not be old or sick, but she doesn’t have wings or sit on a cloud plucking away all day either, but has joined a great cloud of witnesses. Angels do sing, I believe there are some who sing to babies or children and definitely with people who are praising God.

Surely, they sung with me on the painful and tearful nights when Amazing Grace would be the best prayer and intercession. They rejoice over sinners and always behold the Father.  There are choirs and choruses going day and night and seraphim around the throne, holy, holy holy.

You are also like an angel because they do not marry, imagine being in heaven with your ex and getting along, with the old girlfriends or even someone you have lived in sin with but now being saved, it will now  no longer be awkward in heaven. You’re still not an angel on a cloud, there will plenty to do.

Lots of teaching and learning, singing and praising, the Stationary Angel, Frances, is still making soup and cornbread. There will be lots of feasts. many things you did here, you will do there. Writing, reading, children to watch over as they pay on streets of gold. Just no more doctors, nurses or undertakers. There will things to do for craftsmen and creatives.

I have heard of a girl who saw her grandmother with angels, but while I don’t discount her story, it was a traumatic experience. Her grandmother was not technically an angel. I advise people to avoid trying to contact loved ones, and any occult practice. They are dangerous. The Holy Spirit gives discernment but the enemy will deceive. Just ask Jesus to say hello or something and be happy that there are angels around us and guardians, heavenly harpists and musicians. And we might all want to take lessons from angels.



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