Gethsemane 1612

ElGreco 1612

This is a painting of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, painted by El Greco, in 1612. While I wanted my whole month to be about guardian angels, I realize that we have Good Friday and and also Easter or Resurrection Day. I can post for the week, angels were in Gethsemane and all the way to the Ascension.

It dawned on me that Jesus also had guardian angels, angels were present at His birth, warned Joseph to leave and escape Herod. He also managed to avoid those who disliked and would have killed Him during His ministry. Even Gabriel came to Mary and they were there after He was tempted and here in Gethsemane. Notice in particular the disciples, El Greco captures them perfectly.

In  this link to him, Domenikos Theotokopolous, otherwise known as El Greco, you can read about the icon painter, who was considered a master by the age of twenty two. In the article you will see the Assumption of Mary and the Disrobing of Christ, two other outstanding pieces.

El Greco did arrive in Rome but Michelangelo  and Raphael had died already. The master artist even offered to paint over the work in the Sistine Chapel. While that might not have been his best idea, he was indeed a master. signature_1


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