Still Waters


Psalm 23 has been a topic of study lately, and indeed He will lead us beside still waters and restore our soul. This lovely angel is protecting a girl who has been picking flowers. The light of God is shining over her as she approaches even the smallest brook.

God has a way of protecting us from even the smallest of problems or worries if we will allow Him to. While angelic intervention is often unseen there will be times when it is a major occurrence in our lives. Being saved from or averting disaster will certainly be noticed.

But even on a daily basis, with so many things go on in our lives, we can easily be reminded of His protection from even small incidents. This brook isn’t very deep or wide for that matter and still the angel is watching. How many times a day to we actually just step over or walk through danger with angelic assistance and not even realize it?

His peace, Rebecca Jones

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