Guardian Angel


Melchior Paul von Deschwanden 1811 – 1881, a Swiss religious artist, isn’t this lovely, and angel watching over a sleeping child with a hat, so near a little stream. The painter from Switzerland never married and some of his first works were altarpieces. They are in the second link, along with another beautiful piece of art, the Christ Child.

In the third link, which is to some that were auctioned, is one of my favorite of his pieces, the Resurrection Angels. I may post that one individually as well. This guardian angel was done in 1859, and like many of his masterpieces, is glorious. He was an amazingly gifted artist, and this is a great example of a guardian and a sleeping child, even representing us as His children. The name of the painting, Schutzengel bewacht den Schlaf eines Kindes…. 1859, my German or Dutch is limited so I’m guessing Guardian Angel Watching a Sleeping Child. His peace, Rebecca Jones

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