Did you know that that is what angel really means, messenger? This could possibly be Gabriel, he certainly was a messenger. And he is often depicted with lilies or flowers.

The Hebrew is malak or malach, and the Greek angelos. Angels are mentioned 300 times in Scripture and only absent from books such as Ruth, Nehemiah, Esther, the letters of John, and James.

Angels were there at creation, even called the sons of God, only a third fell, and they are innumerable and I believe could still be being created. They brought visions and dreams and appeared in person, with Jesus as the Angel of the Lord, in pre-incarnate form.

Even Balaam’s donkey recognized an angel. They also came and went upon Jacob’s ladder, which I personally believe is more of a stairway to heaven. The could both ascend and descend such ladders or stairs and still may be doing so.

Angels are not the object of worship and come in answer many times to prayer, but Daniel’s angel was delayed by a higher ranking spirit and he needed Michael to help him. So sometimes prayers are delayed because of spiritual warfare. And sometimes, just so He can make it beautiful.

Angels do have ranks and orders, from guardian to Archangel, though lists may vary. And there are thrones, dominions, rulers of darkness, wickedness in high places. Angels are over cities and towns, like Michael is over Jerusalem.

Jesus was arrested and stated that legions, up to 72,000 were ready at His command, He could have called them but did not in order to save us. They ministered to Him many times, two of which are noted after His temptations and when He was in Gethsemane.

One of the best sightings of angels was at the empty tomb. He is not there, He is risen. His peace,Rebecca Jones

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