Calming the Child


Another one I have no artist for, many of these are old postcards, sometimes, they are hard to track down. I love this one because instead of a bridge or ledge it is a boat. Remember, how many times Jesus was in a boat. He also calmed the wind and waves during the storm, ” Peace, be still. ”

We are His children and He can calm the storms of our lives. He would most certainly tell us to be still, like in Psalm 46:10 or Exodus 14:14, to be still and He will fight for us. I have read the phrase that at times, He calms the storm and then again the storm rages and He calms the child.

Are you in place like that today. I know I have been. That’s when I have to choose to be still so the Prince of Peace can infuse in me the peace He left me in John 14:27. The same peace that stills the storms, calms the crashing waves and keeps our hearts from trouble.


Calm The Child

Lord, you calmed the sea, Peace be still.

I know your heart is tender and mild.

Even if the storms arise, they never prevail.

Your Spirit is my sail, you’ve looked at me and smiled.

How can I be in fear, with your love so very near,

For you are calming the child.


His peace, Rebecca Jones

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