Welcome To My New Blog!


I hope you will enjoy my newest blog, On  Angel’s Wings. Angels have always been an interest of mine. When I was just seventeen, I taught Sunday School at a very small church in Atlanta.

There were very few people my own age, I taught sweet, little, old ladies. One of them was named Nannie, and she gave me a book about angels by Billy Graham. Since then I have read dozens, some brilliant testimonies of divine intervention and some that were in total error about the roles of angels.

From time to time we may do studies about them but I wanted to fill the board with beautiful artwork, even museum quality, and some just for such things as card making and scrapbooking. I will also include some poetry.

We may even do some fun things on the blog, the whole idea is to bless and glorify His name and give an insight to the going ons in the spiritual realm. Angels are not just cherubs, little baby like creatures with wings, but are mighty and do the Lord’s work.

They are busy in the spiritual warfare that takes place in our lives. We live in a time that we need His protection even more as believers, and we want to pray for Him to charge them on behalf of believers everywhere.

Let’s start out with a month of guardian angels, lovely vintage artwork from the Victorian Era. All of this work should be considered public domain, so you can Pin it, print it, or use it on you blog. If I  am not sure, I will tell you. Some artists, I may or may not know. Feel free to look them or fill me in. But remember all poetry and any writing is my property, and copyrighted. Most of it I share freely as long as you leave my name. So let’s enjoy some guardian angels.

And then move one from pleasant ones watching children into more dramatic representations, and then to some beautiful ones for Mother’s Day. As always, I appreciate the comments and interest in my blogs and I hope to be a blessing.

And in case you are interested, here’s a link to my 2017 Writer’s Challenge, a whole month of angel posts, to get you going in the direction of guardian angels. It will help you get interested in the watchers, because God is watching over His Word.


Please click to follow at the bottom if you’d like to, as I do other blogs, this is still pretty new, thank you.

In His peace,

Rebecca Jones


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